Happy New Year!

John and I are having the laziest New Year’s Day ever.  We didn’t get out of bed until almost noon (we didn’t go to bed until after 2am last night, but noon is still excessive), and we’ve spent most of the day since then on the couch.  Jess and Chuck crashed with us last night and were gone before we even stirred.  (They needed to get home before the dog exploded.)  I wanted to see them out, and I had assumed I’d hear them, but I must have been out cold.  Didn’t even hear the dogs, who usually go nuts as soon as someone heads down the stairs.  I hope they spent the read of today sleeping.  Jess and Chuck, not the dogs.  I know the dogs slept most of today.

I think our New Year’s Eve party was a success.  We, at least, had a great time, and I think our friends did, too.  🙂  We’ll probably be snacking on leftovers until next week.  I’m glad we managed to clean up a lot before we went to bed.  It was nice to come downstairs today and find the house still looking relatively neat.  Of course, then I went on a search for bagels.  I picked up lox and cream cheese (and capers and tomatoes) at Wegmans yesterday, but I wanted bagels from Panera so I deliberately didn’t buy any.  (And I didn’t have time to go to Panera then.)  Today, however, I paid the price for sleeping in so late.  By the time I got to Panera, they didn’t have any plain or egg bagels left.  I didn’t want any of the fancy flavored ones ’cause I knew John preferred plain for his lox.  So I went to Dunkin Donuts in Leesburg.  Also out of plain and egg and everything else except cinnamon raisin.  I went to Giant.  Thankfully, their bakery makes pretty good bagels and they had both egg and plain.  It just took entirely too long to find bagels.  It was closer to one before we finally ate anything today.

We watched our last recorded episode of The Mentalist over breakfast and then John played video games while I read.  I finished A Three Dog Life (wrenching, but in a good way, and no, I didn’t cry again) and started another Sharon Kay Penman re-read.  I have a whole stack of books to read right now, but nothing is really jumping out at me.  I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to shop a little.  One of my Christmas presents was a gift card to Ann Taylor (yay new clothes!), so I’ll probably head to Tysons or Reston Town Center, depending on whether John comes with me.

I hope everyone got home safe last night and this morning.  Happy New Year!


  1. Chuck

    We had a great time and thanks so much for taking on New Years and having us invade your home. I feel bad that we had to skulk out under cover of darkness but we had to get Lucky (our Golden Retriever) outside to potty. We got home after adding another hour to some sleep time and he STILL managed to hold it. He is such a good dog but I felt bad that he had to wait.

    Our New Years Day was lazy up until the point where we had to drive from Easton to BWI to pick up my son. By the time we got home it felt like we had been driving for 2 days and I suppose we did. Jess drove back from your place because I was still a bit loopy and 4 hours may not have constituted enough sleep for me to pass a breath test had we been pulled over. THANKS BABY ! I refuse to take chances on drinking and driving. Anyway, thanks again and as always we look forward where we can see you and be in the company of friends.


  2. Zannah

    Don’t feel bad. I’m just glad your house wasn’t destroyed. Lucky is such a good boy! I’m sure Roxy would never have lasted that long. Glad you made it home safe! You should sleep the whole rest of the weekend. 🙂

  3. Chuck

    This weekend we took up our un-written resolutions and started PT again. P90X is a great program and left all 3 of us very sore but in that great “It hurts but feels good” sort of pain. I need to do LOTS more running between now and summer so I can keep up with next years Plebes for 6 weeks of relentless early morning PT.

    Jess told me that you invited (read challenged) her to do some 5K’s this year and I am really into that idea. What a great reason for friends to get together in a healthy way. Not that there is wrong with pub crawls but PT is a MUCH better reason to see friends. Jess is going through her 20 boxes of books for a reason that is known only to her and I am going to take Cody out for driving lesson. After that we will PT and relax the rest of the night. Wally World (USNA) opens back up tomorrow and I will be there at 5 am to give 150 of my kids a pee pee test. sigh……….. 🙂

  4. Zannah

    Check your email. I just sent the two of you a link to the George Washington Parkway Classic (held in late April). John and I registered for the 5K part a few weeks ago. I’ll send anything else that looks good your way, too.

    Sorry you have to be at work so early tomorrow. Tell Jess to enjoy rummaging through her books (maybe’s she’s going to organize them? Looking for something?) and don’t let Cody hit anything. 🙂

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