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I am drawing a complete blank.  Which makes me chuckle a little.  (It’s a line from Grosse Point Blank, a movie I love.)  But it doesn’t really give me anything to write about.  Unless I write about John Cusack movies.  Most of which I love.  I wasn’t crazy about High Fidelity, though.  I liked the supporting characters, but Cusack’s character bugged me.  The book didn’t do much for me, either.  John really likes both.  I think he prefers the book (safe guess).  It’s by Nick Hornby, who wrote About A Boy (I’ve seen the movie – painful to watch (that poor kid), but good – but I haven’t read the book).  Recently, though, John Cusack has done some not-so-good movies.  Must Love Dogs was pretty bad, and I tried pretty hard to like it (I like Diane Lane, and Captain Von Trapp was in it!).  Martian Child wasn’t bad, but it was a transparent tearjerker.  I’m not saying I didn’t like it.  🙂  I’m just saying it wasn’t a great movie.  So maybe it was an exaggeration to say that I love most John Cusack movies.  I’ll rephrase to say that I will watch and enjoy almost any movie that he is in.  And I love that Joan Cusack is usually cast with him.  I really like watching the two of them together.  Do I really need to mention Say AnythingPushing Tin, Being John Malkovich, Serendipity…I’m not going to list all of his movies.  And I haven’t seen them all.  Maybe I should make that a priority.  And I want to see Identity again.  That’s one that should reveal more during the second viewing.

In other news, Twilight is pretty entertaining.  I’m almost halfway done with it, and I will almost certainly want to finish the series.  At the moment, though, i don’t see this as being something I’ll want/need to reread.


  1. momma betty

    Have you seen Grace is Gone? Another tearjerker. Twilight is about vampires, right? No, thanks. I don’t do vampires—except for The Historian.

  2. Zannah

    Yeah, this is definitely not for you. It’s very much wish fulfillment for teenage girls who believe in abstinence. And when I put it that way, it’s not all that appealing to me, either. And maybe I shouldn’t assume that it will stay this way, since I haven’t even finished the first book. Unfair, possibly. I will certainly not be recommending it for you.

  3. ibcrandy

    By “wasn’t crazy about High Fidelity” you just mean you only really like it, right? I’m with John on this one, I think it was a great movie. In fact I just re-watched it within the past month and I think it gets better with every viewing. The reason I like it is for the main character, because he strikes me as realistic in that he’s pretty far from perfect and reflects some of the bad traits that most guys have. That and I’ve sat at parties where we’ve gone around the room and listed our top 5 ________ for hours.

  4. Zannah

    I meant that I didn’t dislike it. I do watch it whenever it’s on TV, and there are parts of it that I like a lot. Now that I’ve put more thought it into, it’s entirely possible that my main reason for not being crazy about it is that I don’t like his hair. He looks unwashed and greasy for most of the movie, and I prefer John Cusack clean. And pretty. Deep, huh?

    Yes, Mom, that is who you think it is. And I’m so glad I provoked him enough to get him to comment! Not that I was trying. 🙂

  5. Jessica

    I think High Fidelity is a great movie (though John Cusack does look unwashed all the way through.) But I also kinda like Must Love Dogs. Parts of it anyway. I like all the sardonic little comments the Diane Lane character makes about her family’s interference in her love life. And just the kookiness of John Cusack’s character.

    Of course, you notice I don’t remember what any of the characters names are so I guess I couldn’t have liked it that much.

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