Laziest day ever

Yesterday, I got to spend the entire day hanging out with Jess.  We ran a wedding errand (I love weddings and wedding errands), found out that most of Easton is closed on Sunday afternoons (in the winter, at least), and camped out at Panera for a few hours.  It was dark before we knew it, and even though I didn’t mean to stay late, I did.  Can’t be helped.  🙂  Next time, I’ll make sure I have an audiobook for the drive.

I have had the laziest day.  Not in terms of sleep, though.  I got back last night a little before eleven, and I was probably asleep by midnight, but I was up shortly after seven this morning to watch over Roxy while she had a seizure.  Really, what do I do?  I mean, there isn’t anything I can do.  I just…supervise.  So I got up because I could hear her convulsing downstairs.  That part usually doesn’t last very long, not even a whole minute, but it’s awful to watch and it feels like it’ll never end.  It does end, and she doesn’t do anything for a long time.  She just stays down on the floor, in whatever position she was in when the convulsions stopped, and she doesn’t move for about 15-20 minutes.  I usually grab a book or a magazine and sit on the floor near her, petting her occasionally, talking to her just so she can hear my voice.  Riley’s always in the backyard (or being monopolized by John, if he’s up with me) ’cause he gets a little frantic.  I shove him out the backdoor as soon as I come down.  Anyway, after a while Roxy gets up and starts to wander around the first floor.  I don’t know if she can see or hear for most of this phase.  She doesn’t react to anything except solid objects that appear before her, whether those are walls, doors, the fridge, a chair, or me.  She runs into things, detours around them, and gets stuck in corners.  Eventually, she responds to sounds, and then to her name, and we know she’s back to normal when she gets excited about treats rattling around in the treat jar.  It usually takes 30-40 minutes all together.

Just as she was getting back to normal this morning (around 7:40), and I was looking forward to climbing back into bed, John came downstairs, wide awake.  He couldn’t go back to sleep after I got up, and a half-hour of trying to sleep apparently woke him up completely.  I wasn’t really sleepy anymore (I just wanted to be in bed), so we gave up and decided to start our day super-early (for a holiday).  So I guess in that sense, I wasn’t lazy.  In every other sense, though, I was about as lazy as can be.  We decided to start the day, but stayed in our pjs.  We camped out on the couch for breakfast and TV catch-up (we were several episodes behind on Heroes), and then when John went to go study for his exam on Wednesday, I stayed on the couch and read.  All afternoon.  We had dinner, John went to class, I took a bath (with bubbles and wine – lovely).  I’m back on the couch (in new pjs – no real clothes for me today) with my computer.

I can’t complain.


  1. Jessica

    Aww…you should have something. I have TONS of audio books. I even have duplicate hard copies of some of them. And almost all of them I also have on the computer, so even if I gave you my only hard copy, I could make more.

    I was listening to the Lord of the Rings radio show on the way to and from work this morning (I know, I’m also reading them…I have a bit of an obsessive personality. If I’m interested in something at some point, I’m REALLY interested.) I went to work by myself today because Chuck stayed home with Cody (who seems to be doing better. Still coughing a lot, but no fever.)

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