Waltzing Cinderalla

So I was waltzing around my kitchen tonight (what else can you do when The Rascals’ “How Can I Be Sure?” comes on and you have a broom in your hands?) when I realized…I hope none of my neighbors are looking in my windows this evening.  I may have embarrassed myself.  I was sweeping the house, since Charles (the roomba) is having issues), and the dogs were alternating between between staring at me quizzically and trying to keep up with the dancing.  They need practice.

I went to the used bookstore near the office today looking for the next Otherland book.  I figured why buy it new if I can find it used?  It was going to be a quick trip; if they didn’t have the book I was looking for, I was going to leave.  And I was successful!  I found my book!  And three others.  (I’ll be reading Tad Williams for a while.)  Of course, I got distracted by the last Mistborn book, which was written by the guy who is writing the last Wheel of Time book (since Robert Jordan died before he could write it – John jinxed him).  And on top of that distraction, I’m doing something I never do.  I’m reading TWO books at once.  When I’m not reading Hero of Ages (cheesy title, I know), I’m reading The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life, a book Jess let me borrow.  I’d probably just read that straight through, except that it keeps inspiring me to read.  And for some reason, it doesn’t count as the book to read.  I’m not sure that makes sense now that I’ve written it out.  Maybe it does.


  1. mel

    Sheesh, I never read for fun anymore. I just don’t have time. And if I did start reading instead of turning on the tv, I’d feel guilty that I wasn’t reading something for school to get ahead. Maybe I’ll pick something up this summer. Your assignment is to make me a list of must-reads so I don’t waste my summer reading crap. K?

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