Another new TV show

It’s too early to tell yet if this one is going to be good.  The first part of the pilot episode was AWFUL.  The second half was much better.  Oh, I’m talking about Castle.  It’s yet another cop show, and John thinks it’s trying to play off the success of The Mentalist.  It’s also similar to Lie to Me, in the sense that all three shows are (mostly) crime-driven, with the cops bringing on a non-law enforcement specialist to help them solve that week’s crime.  Anyway, the second episode of Castle was pretty good.  Nathan Fillion is in it, and he’s pretty cute.  He’s what made the first half of the pilot so awful, though.  They really over did the skirt-chaser aspect of his character’s personality.  It was much more understated in the second episode.  I’ve only seen him in Waitress, which I loved, and I think he was in Firefly, but I’ve never seen that show.  We’ll give this one another couple of episodes before we decide to keep it or quit.

I went a little link-happy today.  Makes my post more colorful. 🙂  I have to go help John study.  No, really!  He said he wanted to run part of some proof by me (the math part).  I’m good for some of that.