I got nothin’

Really.  I have very little to say today.  I wonder if it’s better to just skip posting on days like this.  Is forcing myself to write something, anything, better than not posting at all?  Even if what gets posted is boring, wandering, inane – ah.  Yes, if I keep the name of my website in mind, posting something is better than posting nothing.  Still, inanity with a purpose is better than random inanity (I’m starting to doubt that’s a real word), so unless I come up with something soon, I’ll be keeping this short.  Unlike that sentence.  But very like the sentence after it.  And I’m back to the purposeless inanity (insanity?  not yet) that I never really left behind.

Um…John and I will be running our first 5K of the year this Saturday.  It’s in Falls Church at 4pm.  I’m not expecting to do well.  I know I’ll be able to run the whole thing (no walking for me!) since 3 miles has been my minimum workout for a while now, but my times with the dogs have been awful.  And I’m pretty sure it’s not the dogs’ fault.  We might see Joe, though.  A while back he said he was going to register for this race, but I don’t know if he did.

Well, that was uninspired.  Oh, speaking of uninspired (and Joe for that matter, since he’s such a huge fan), the guest on last night’s Daily Show (which we watched tonight) was Bruce Springsteen.  The interview was not typical for Jon Stewart.  He gushed.  There was no mocking, no gentle joking.  Mostly drool.  I just can’t bring myself to care about Bruce Springsteen.  I don’t think he’s bad, I mean, I get what he’s about.  I just don’t get it.  But he does look much better promoting this album than the last one.  His hair is shorter, cleaner, and it makes him look younger.  Less craggy.  I won’t critique his music, but I have eyes.  I’ll stick to what I know and critique his appearance.  🙂


  1. momma betty

    It’s an admirable goal–to write every day–but don’t beat yourself up if you skip a day here and there. Writers say that it’s the habit of writing more than skill that gets words on the page. But it’s really hard.

    I’ve never gotten The Boss either.

  2. Jessica

    Yes, it’s a real word. I was just thinking of it as referring to mountains…but I looked it up and it also means “rough, rugged.” So it works great.

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