Prelude to the GW Parkway Classic

My day was over by about 4pm today.  I’m still awake, yes, so technically my day is still going on, but since I’m essentially sleepwalking, this doesn’t count.  I am SO tired.  We didn’t get to bed early last night like we planned (the last time I remember looking at the clock it was around eleven), and we got up at five this morning.  John thinks we should take credit for 4:30, since that’s about when I got anxious and started bouncing around, according to him.  Anyway, we were out the door by 5:40 to make sure we got to Alexandria in time to park the car and catch the shuttle bus to the starting line of the 25th Annual George Washington Parkway Classic.  (The 5K starting line.  There was a 10-miler, too.)

I’m practically asleep at the keyboard.  I think the details of the race will have to wait until tomorrow.  I just talked to Mom and Dad, who are trying to decide whether or not buy this house in Shelbyville that sounds really nice.

Tonight is definitely going to be an early night.  Oh, breakfast at the Royal Restaurant in Alexandria?  Not good.  I do not recommend it.  Not terrible or anything, but we (me, John, Erik) got the buffet and no one went back for more.

Okay, my eyes are going to kill me if I don’t take out my contacts, and once my contacts are out, I’m pretty much unconscious.  See ya.