I really will watch just about anything

Heather Graham makes some really bad movies.  I mean, just awful.  But I have discovered who I wish I looked like.  Bridget Moynihan is beautiful – tall, thin, gorgeous, great smile.  If I were going to (and able to) look like anybody else, it would be her.  I watched Gray Matters today (that’s the bad movie that triggered the mean Heather Graham comment), and although it really was bad, Alan Cumming was adorable in it.

More TV:

I know I said Cupid is a dumb show (and I still think so), but the episode I just watched made me cry.

Sorry for the disjointed post.  I didn’t write it all at the same time.  Only one thing of note actually happened today (which is one more than most days, I guess).  I finally met our new neighbors on the uphill side.  Our realtor neighbor with the adopted Russian kids moved out sometime in March, and our new neighbors moved in shortly after that, but we’d hardly even seen them.  They were never in the backyard, and we only caught a couple of glimpses of them out front.  Their yard (front and back) was turning quickly into a jungle, and last weekend, the guy tried to mow his jungle/lawn with an electric lawn mower.  He didn’t get far before some other neighbors came over with a gas lawn mower to help out.  (We came home while this pow-wow was going on the driveway.)  Anyway, John is convinced they’ve never had a yard to take care of before, and that this guy has never used a lawn mower.  The next day we saw him in the backyard, mowing (attempting to mow – seriously the grass is almost two feet high in some places) in khakis and a button down shirt.

Anyway, I met him today because I let the dogs out and Riley started to bark.  I opened the door to tell him to quit it and saw that he was barking at our new neighbor.  So I headed to the fence to introduce myself (and apologize for Riley).  His name is Andy, and they lived in an apartment in Chantilly before moving next door.  His wife (who I haven’t met yet) is Iris, they’re Chinese (he made a point of that, I’m not sure why, since we weren’t talking about anyone’s background), and they’re planning a cruise to Alaska in the next month or so.  He’s a very nice guy (who asked me some basic lawn care questions), and we have tentative plans to have a cookout when they get settled in.  That’s all I know.  Oh, no kids, no dog.  That’s all I know.

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