I love spring

Today got a lot better.  My meeting downtown went smoothly (all I had to do was be there, anyway), and we were done in just over an hour.  I had a very pleasant drive home from DC.  I took the GW Parkway to the beltway.  It’s beautiful.  The trees are all leafed out and it’s wonderfully shady.  It’s a really nice day today.  Upper 60’s, sunny skies, a little breezy – this is my favorite kind of day.

I got home and took the dogs out for a walk that turned into more of a jog.  It was just so nice!  Oh, I almost forgot.  We were on Claiborne heading towards where the W&OD trail crosses over the road, and I looked up and saw a horse on the trail.  Totally weird.  I mean, I’ve seen signs for horse crossings on the trail before, but where in suburban Ashburn could someone keep a horse?  I guess they could have been heading back to Leesburg…  Wherever they came from, It was very strange to see someone riding a horse over Claiborne Parkway, about a mile from my house.

Speaking of weird sightings, as I left the Department of Education building this afternoon, there was a guy outside, wearing only red shorts and shoes, doing pushups on the sidewalk.  Who on earth would decide to drop and do pushups, wearing no shirt, immediately outside the main entrance of the Department of Education building?

John isn’t feeling well today (scratchy throat, stuffy head), so I’m heading out to get him soup for dinner.  (He actually asked for soup!  I’m totally wearing him down!)

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