Try harder!

I was lazy today.  John, too.  Actually, he didn’t hear the alarm, so he wasn’t lazy on purpose.  I couldn’t get my eyes to stay open.  But I am NOT going to let that happen again tomorrow.  I WILL run in the morning.  And I WILL try to post sometime other than last thing before I go to bed.  By that time of day, I don’t have anything left to say and all I want to do is sleep.  This is better.

John dropped his wedding ring under the center console (by way of the emergency brake) in the car today on our way home, so when Will showed up (they’re practicing tonight), he found us with all the car doors open and our butts hanging out while we were heads and arms first under the console trying to figure out how to take it out.  We were successful.  John has his ring back.


So much for getting this done before it was the last thing at night.  I was summoned to the basement to sit in with the guys.  The dogs eventually found us, too, and they mostly hung out behind the set with me.  Very companionable.  And it was fun.  I really do like to play with a band.  I think the worst part about it will be carting a drumset from bar to bar, putting it together and taking it apart before and after every gig.  I realize I’m jumping the gun a bit, but whatever.  That’s what I dread.

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