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Week’s over, I feel great, and I am so ready to see Harry Potter.  I believe I will say that again.  Harry Potter.  Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter.  There.  John and Will are checking out the live music at a local pub.  I would say they’re casing the joint, but they want to play there, not steal from it.  I’m not sure what the correct phrase is for that situation.  Christina and Colin and I went to Ruby Tuesday for a drink and an appetizer and some chatting.  We had a good time, and Colin only covered himself in ketchup.  Well, Christina too, but only a little bit.  There might be some in her hair.  🙂

I’m going to take a bath and read (The Time Traveler’s Wife!) and figure out what we’re doing tomorrow before we see Harry Potter.  Probably yard work.  Boo.  Harry Potter!

*Funny thing just happened.  I typed “Boob” instead of “Boo.”  Maybe I should have left it.  (Now I’m giggling.  How old am I?)


  1. Jessica

    I think the correct term would be “recce-ing.” Though I suppose that’s more British slang than American, but it works. Reconnoitering. Scouting out. I like words.

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