Rained out

We went to the National Symphony Orchestra’s Labor Day concert on the west lawn of the Capitol tonight.  We met Greg, Amanda, Erik, and Margaret for dinner beforehand, and Margaret’s friend Miriam joined us for the concert.  Everything started out okay.  We picked a spot pretty close to the stage (closer than we’ve been in other years, anyway) and settled in on our blankets.  The NSO started with the overture from Gypsy, and then played some songs from South Pacific. Then we got “Liberty Bell”, a Sousa march that also happens to be the theme from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, then music from Star Wars, and then something about Lincoln that was written by Copland (that didn’t do much for me – it included someone reading parts of Lincoln’s speeches, and that never does much for me).  The orchestra went to intermission, and the rain started to come down.  Greg and Amanda ran for their car, Margaret wrapped herself up in one of the blankets, Miriam stayed mostly dry under her umbrella (the only one of us smart enough to bring one), and Erik, John, and I held the other blanket (the one with the waterproof side) over our heads and tried to walk back using it as a tent/umbrella.  It kept our heads dry, but that’s about it.  Anyway, we got mostly soaked, and the concert got rained out, but it was still fun.  The cold and wet drive home was not as fun.

Oh, and then we got home to find that it hadn’t rained here AT ALL.  I’m not sure why that offends me, but it does.

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