Too much

I’m doing that thing where I have too many things crammed into just a couple of days.  This isn’t going to be much fun.  I have to have the dogs at the vet by 8 and me at the dentist by 9:50.  So I probably won’t run tomorrow morning.  But I want to get to work early on Thursday so I can leave early and have the dogs at the kennel by 6pm Thursday.  So…possibly no running Thursday morning…and Friday’s out because we’re getting on a plane very early…I need to work this out.  If I actually get up when the alarm goes off, both mornings, I can get 3 miles in…too many ellipses.

And that’s not really as many things as I thought.  Although I do have to add in laundry and packing, but that’s not really that hard.  If I’m really getting up early tomorrow, I should head to bed.


  1. mel

    Lists, lists, lists! I’m in the habit now of putting time limits on all my errands. It’s gross. (I’ll leave for the bank at 3, be back by 3:15, then study for exam until 4:30. Then snack break for 10 minutes, and then work on homework until 5:30.) Pathetic. If I don’t organize things this specifically, I’ll never get anything done. And if something throws me off by 15 minutes, I have to rework it all!

    BTW: Can’t wait to see you guys on Friday!

  2. Zannah

    I make plenty of lists, but I don’t schedule my days that tightly. I could see having to do that if I were in school, though, to try to avoid procrastination. That would be a major problem for me.

    Friday’s almost here! Woo!

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