Trains. And khakis.

It’s completely dark outside, but I can hear the buzz of a lawn mower next door.  Who mows their lawn in the dark?  My neighbor, he of the electric lawn mower and really long extension cord.  He is, again, mowing in khakis.  What is it with people doing active things (running a 5K, mowing a lawn) in khakis lately?  Do people do it all the time and I just don’t notice it much?  I mean, run (or mow) in whatever you’re comfortable in, by all means, but I will still point and laugh (if only in my head so I can appear nicer than I am).  I can’t imagine what would cause me to make the decision to run a race in khakis.  Well, that’s not true.  I have an imagination, and I know how to use it.  I’d do it if someone paid me enough (and if I still get to wear running shoes), I’d do it if khakis were the only clothes available to me (I’d rather run wearing khaki pants than no pants.), I’d do it if someone were threatening my life (or anyone’s, really) if I didn’t.  But I would expect people to be puzzled by it.  This train of thought has gone on long enough.


  1. inoidiot

    Hi Zannah – Please see my comment under “Where did my free time go?” I attempt to explain myself and get back in yours and momma betty’s good graces.

  2. momma betty

    Ok, me, too. (Not that I have a say in what Z does with this blog, but I am the momma.)

    But I don’t think you’re the only male, inoidiot, to respond to this blog. In fact……let me think….Ok, I can think of at least four different males who have responded.

    Of course, anyone who knows Z like we know Z (the melody is running through my head) is not surprised at all by the blog title.

  3. Zannah

    I wouldn’t say I was obsessing over anything in that post. That’s just what happens when I follow a stray thought to its conclusion.

    Also, I don’t really like coming up with titles for my posts. It’s hard.

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