Suddenly unemployed

And not really sure what happened.  Both of us.  So, you know, no income whatsoever.  Just happened today, and we’re still reeling.  On the one hand, we’re both looking forward.  A business is a business, and I’m sure this was a business decision on their part.  I think.  I mean, they didn’t give us any reason to think otherwise.  Either way, we’re on our own and that’s okay.  Starting Monday, finding a job becomes our full time job (unless someone can come up with the perfect business we could start), and we have people to call.  Hopefully, this won’t last long.  It’s a sucky economy, yes, but this area hasn’t been hit as hard (or so I hear).  I’ll stay positive until I get shot down.  Then I may start to panic.  Worry has already set in (of course), but it’s manageable.


  1. ibcrandy

    Ouch, sorry to hear that. It is national novel writing month, so maybe you should write a book. 🙂 Of course I guess that takes a while for the pay to start coming in, and that doesn’t really help when you have bills due.

    Oooh, you could write a book about how to survive being laid off in tough economic times, and your solution would be to write a book about how to survive being laid off in tough economic times. Recursion is very chic these days.

    Good luck with the job hunting. I hope you both find something soon. Maybe you’ll get extra lucky and land something even better than before.

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