Back on track. At least halfway.

Okay, I think I’m done slacking off here.  I’ll try to go back to regularly posting something.  Maybe not daily, but more than once a week.  I’ll keep the job hunt details out of it.  Except for this one: John just completed his first day of work at his new job!  He spent less than one week unemployed, which is just crazy.  And fantastic.  I believe it went well, but I couldn’t get the details because his phone was about to die.  I’ll get them when he gets home.

I had a very nice, friendly, no-worries-about-unemployment day.  I got up early with John (who was heading off to WORK!), shot off some job hunt-related emails, and headed to the zoo with Margaret.  It was a bit chilly (and windy), and I think we spent more time on the metro and Connecticut Ave trying to get TO the zoo than actually in it, but it was more about hanging out anyway.  Besides, we saw the animals we really wanted to see (cheetahs, pandas, lions, tigers, panda bears, seals, gorillas, etc).  No elephants (too cold for them to be outside, and the elephant house is closed), we never found the  giraffes (though we didn’t look very hard), and we walked right out of the reptile house after we saw the scary spiked lizard with the triangle-shaped head in the first exhibit.  And it was a beautiful sunny day.

We parted at the metro to go on separate lunch dates: Margaret with an old friend, and, well, same for me.  I went to Crystal City to have lunch with Erik.  By the time we were done (after a visit to Starbucks – post-lunch coffee was a good idea), Erik could legitimately leave work, so we got on the metro and rode back to Ballston together so he could go home and I could pick up my car and get home to rescue the dogs.  Which I did.

Anyway, good day.  Not sure what’s on for dinner tonight, but champagne is definitely on the menu.

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