Take control

Things I’m doing to get out of this hibernation funk I’ve been in since the snow started:

  1. Train the dogs.  I started practicing down with Riley and stay with Roxy, and I’m meeting with a trainer this coming week to work on leash manners and come when called.
  2. Clean the house.  Our room looks like a cave.  Clothes are EVERYwhere.  And there’s stuff piling up on all surfaces downstairs.
  3. Get outside.  Yes, it’s cold, so I won’t be spending lots of time outside, but it’s good for me to see the sun and breathe fresh air.  Dogs like walks and so do I.
  4. Meet with the financial guy.  I need to ask him tax questions and we need to finally pay off the student loan.
  5. Buy the new dining room table!  But not until I’ve cleaned up enough downstairs and found places for everything so we don’t immediately cover our new dining room table in crap.  But that might be today!

More later, I’m sure.

The snow makes running really difficult.  Impossible, really, unless I’m willing to run in the street instead of on the sidewalks.  I could do that in the neighborhood – you know, I might.  I have to do something, and exercise DVDs just aren’t calling out to me.  That should probably be #6, with eating right (and less) #7, but those are all-the-time things.

And here’s a picture for Corey.  It’s me, wearing all the clothes I could find ’cause we were taking the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood, standing next to the biggest pile of snow we have.  John took it Thursday evening, so there’s already been some melting and settling.


  1. momma betty

    We must be on the same wave length. I tried for a serious meltdown making a list this morning with way too many things I have to do, should do, want to do, and so one. Finally, after spiraling out of control (and with your dad’s help), I managed to get them into some kind of order. Turned out my first priority was to go to two stores down the street to find a pretty pair of beads for my new glasses (like librarians)because I’m trying to wear them more and have them always around when I need them. So since my shopping need was so small I suggested taking the dogs for a walk which they haven’t done in weeks. It’s low thirties and sunny. So we dressed warmly, got the leashes out, Daisy went hysterical, and off we went. Weeds & Things didn’t have what I was looking for, but I met Autumn’s mother-in-law Betty who works there part time. Then we went to Regan’s tea shop where I knew I had seen the glasses holders and found what I wanted. And Regan invited the dogs in. Very special. The sidewalks were only partially cleared, so since it’s still cold, there were lots of places where we had to walk in the street or in the snow, which is still hanging around.

    But the walk was perfect!

  2. Jessica

    Betty, belated happy birthday!

    Zannah, I think I’ve definitely been feeling the effects of the snow myself. I don’t seem to want to do anything that I usually want to do even though I’ve been home a lot and had all this time in which to do them. I hate that feeling.

    You know, I was thinking while we were cooped up inside because of the snow that if we lived closer (as in, within walking distance) we could actually hang out when it snows and we’re stuck at home. How cool would that be?

  3. Zannah

    Jess, that would be so cool. When are you moving? 🙂

    Mom, I want to see a picture of your new librarian look. And I think it’s really cool of Regan to let the dogs in to her store. Jess, Regan is the woman who owns the tea shop I told you about in Shelbyville, with the sunroom set up with tables so you can drink your tea there.

    You know, I have her email address somewhere…I should write to her.

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