I forgot about this part of spring

The rain is messing with my running plans.  It was raining hard this morning when the alarm went off, so we slept in the extra hour and I went straight to work.  When I got home from work (less than an hour ago), it was raining enough to keep me in.  It’s supposed to rain into the evening, slack off for a little (when it’s too dark and too late to run), and then pick up big time over night and all day tomorrow.  So even if I wanted to get up super extra early (we’re already getting up extra early to meet Jess and Chuck at a book sale in Maryland) to run tomorrow morning before we leave, I couldn’t ’cause it’s supposed to be pouring cats and dogs.  I like rain and everything, but I was on a roll!


It’s Friday, it’s the weekend, I get to buy books tomorrow (Hi, I’m Zannah.  I read.), and I get to hang out with people I like.  And I can sleep in on Sunday.

[Pause while I peruse my bookmarks.]

I really and truly just gasped.  Out loud, by myself.  I think I found the house I’m supposed to live in.  At the very least, I need lots of money and an interior decorator who can read my mind and find these pictures years from now when I can afford to redo our entire house.

Go here and read this.  (You don’t have to.  Next time I’ll ask politely.  But it’s a nicely written post about being alone during a power outage.)

I’m done for now.  I have very important things to do, like going through my books and writing down titles I’m missing and authors I love so I can look for their books.  I think we’ve already discussed my need for lists.  I can browse through a book sale forever, but if I don’t bring a list, I might browse right past something I’ve been looking for because I didn’t recognize the author.


  1. The talk about books made me go look at your book list. Loved the audio book of Time Traveler’s Wife! Did you see the movie? I’m wondering if it will be a disappointment. Thought it was a tad long, though. You? Did you read A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz? I loved it. 🙂

  2. Zannah

    Wombat, I LOVED the book of The Time Traveler’s Wife. I’ve read it several times, and I still love it. I saw the movie (there’s a post about it somewhere, and it’s listed on the movies page), but wasn’t crazy about it. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. They managed not to ruin the book for me, but I won’t be watching it again.

    My favorite Dean Koontz is Watchers (it’s about a smart (super smart) golden retriever). I haven’t read A Big Little Life, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. Some of his are better than others, and I’m always interested in finding the good ones.

  3. I’ve never read any of Dean’s other books, actually. It isn’t one of his typical books–it’s about his dog. It caught my eye because it’s subtitled: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog. Being a dog lover, I was intrigued. Such a good book. Made me want to read his other stuff. I’ll have to check out Watchers–thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Zannah

    Curiosity, you’re welcome!

    Wombat, speaking of books for dog lovers, have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain yet? If you have, did you like it? A number of people have been recommending it to me, but I haven’t found it at any recent book sales. I’ll probably just give in and buy it new soon.

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