Cleaning up

So now the bathrooms are clean, the guest room beds are made, and upstairs is vacuumed.  I still need to clean the windows and dust.  At work (need I say it was another long day?), I basically cleaned out my entire desk.  I threw out what I could, but everything worth keeping is important enough to actually have with me in the training classroom.  So it all came home with me today.

I’m meeting Jess and Chuck around noon tomorrow in Chantilly, but there’s stuff I need to do first.  Sounds like I need a list.

  1. Lord & Taylor is having a shoe sale.  I could go on Sunday, though.
  2. Buy a laptop bag (for work) at Staples.  I’ve found the one I want.  That can wait until Sunday, too.
  3. Get my car washed, inside and out.  I think the place I go is closed on Sunday, so I have to do it tomorrow.  I’ll be carpooling next week, so my car should be in good shape.
  4. Dust.
  5. Clean the windows.
  6. Go to the grocery store.  I don’t even know what I need to get yet, but I won’t be able to feed Jess and Chuck if I don’t go.

At least I’m not traveling yet.  If this were the last weekend before all the travel, I’d be way more anxious and making many more lists.

My computer, thanks to John, is now running perfectly with its new hard drive and shiny new Fedora operating system.  And I get to use my pretty pink laptop with the nice keyboard.  (It’s really a pleasure to type on this keyboard.)

I think the condition of the house has been holding me back.  A half-clean house, so close to being mostly clean, makes me feel like I’m more in control of how and when I exercise, what I eat, and how I feel about myself.  You know?  If the house is clean, then I’m successful, and I have more energy and more enthusiasm for exercise.  But we still have too much clutter.  How do we get rid of all this crap?


  1. momma betty

    Clutter: the bane of my existence
    Too much work: not enough time to clean or pick up
    Result: Nagging sense of things undone
    Solution: ?????

  2. bobs

    Yup, you are your Mother’s daughter – many lists, obsessive, got to be in control of everything, lots of anxiety. Please convey my condolences to John and tell him, “Welcome to my world!”

  3. mel

    Have you ever made a list that included the task of making a different list? I’m not saying I have. I mean, that would be crazy…
    I’m on my second list of the day. My favorite thing to do is add things to the list after I’ve already finished them. Then I give it a nice big check mark. 🙂

  4. momma betty


    Me, too! I haven’t made a list of lists to make, but I do make lists just to get things out of my head onto paper. Freedom!

  5. Zannah

    I haven’t actually put an item on a list that says “make a list to do…”, but sometimes I know that putting something on a list, like “pack for trip”, really means “make a list of what to pack for trip, then pack for trip.” I don’t think that’s crazy….

    Every time we clean the house, we swear we’re going to keep it that way, or at least keep up with the clutter and the dust weekly, but our record for that kinda sucks. A lot. Maybe this time will be different!

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