It’s early and I have some free time

Sometime last month I installed a widget to track blog stats, and since then I’ve gotten a little obsessive.  Which is completely ridiculous, since my highest views-per-day count is only 49, and that was unusual.  This is not a high-traffic site.  🙂  But I like to watch the search terms that bring people here, and in the last week or so, quite a large number of people (comparatively speaking) have been coming here from a search for “bernese mountain dog puppies”.  One time (ONE TIME!) I posted a picture of some adorable puppies that happened to be Bernese Mountain Dogs (because, let’s face it, they are the cutest puppies), and now all these people hoping for a Bernese Mountain Dog site are disappointed.  Sorry, people.  But they came!  Maybe some will stay.

This morning’s class is supposed to start at 8:30.  It’s 8:18, and I haven’t seen a single person.  Usually there’s at least one person who comes early.  Besides me.  I have to be early.

Whoops.  I was just plunged into darkness.  The lights in this room are motion-sensitive, and I guess one person typing in the back of the room doesn’t create enough motion to keep them on.

Hey!  There’s my one early person.  Time to stop playing.


  1. Vod Kanockers

    I’m the same way – always early to class. Can’t stand being late…

    …and this isn’t a Bernese Mountain dog blog? I’m shattered!

  2. momma betty

    I think I may have been running up your numbers there for awhile. The link to your blog from my blog wasn’t updating, so I was never sure whether to believe it or not when it wouldn’t show a new blog. So I was checking multiple times just to make sure. What’s a mother for?

  3. Zannah

    If someone clicks a link to get to my site, I can see that, too (and from what site), so I already knew how many times a day you visit. 🙂 But I appreciate the effort, Mom.

    What is it that makes someone either anally early or perpetually late? Is it a gene? Personality disorder? Both? I don’t really know anyone who’s generally on time.

  4. Zannah

    Hmm… *twirling my mustache* To increase the number of visitors to my site, all I have to do is post adorable puppy pictures. I can do that….:)

  5. momma betty

    Oops. There was supposed to be a quote in that previous post. “I don’t know anyone who’s generally on time.” Cut and paste didn’t work!

  6. Zannah

    Isn’t Dad generally early? Or does he really manage to get it right most of the time? I’m either early (preferred) or late (and I like to blame John for that). 🙂

  7. Oh my- this makes me feel a WHOLE lot better. I got (probably) the same plugin. I think I check the stats more than I check my email. (and I check my email a lot).

    Do you find yourself getting sad when no new people have come? or that somebody new came but left oh so quickly without even clicking the ‘about’ page….

  8. Zannah

    Well, I just checked yours, and I think a unicorn that flies would be AWESOME.

    And yeah, looking to see where people visited from (and how often, and what they clicked on) is the best part. Views per day is always inflated, at least a little, usually by Mom. 🙂

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