Not the right kind of bookstore

I went to visit one of those bookstores I was looking up yesterday.  It’s in Little Five Points, A Capella Books, and while the area is really cool, the bookstore was a little disappointing.  Eclectic, yes, but not very big and kind of a disappointing selection.  It’s not what I was looking for.  And they didn’t have any Lawrence Block books, either.

I’m tired and not feeling particularly chatty tonight, so I’m going to read in the bathtub and go to bed.  Hope you don’t mind.


  1. ibcRandy

    Well glad you got to see Little Five Points at least. Did you get to check out The Junkman’s Daughter? It’s the large graffiti covered building. It’s a neat store, though it’s full of mostly just funny junk. Still, always a fun place to browse. Which really sums up LFP. You’ll have fun browsing, but probably not buy much.

  2. Zannah

    I popped my head in there as I went by. It looked like fun, but I just didn’t have the energy to spend any time in there that night. I may go by again Saturday morning before I leave Atlanta. I don’t want to miss out. 🙂

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