I’m getting a lot of mileage out of Sunday

Not a real statue.


You may not know this about me, but I have a sign on my forehead that says “Pick me!  I’ll play along!”  I love street performers.  I’ll always stop to watch.  And 9 times out of 10, I get picked out of the crowd to participate in some way.  (Or four times out of the five I can remember off the top of my head, if you want to get specific.  The fifth time I can think of it was Sandwich Stealer who was chosen)  I love it.  This past Sunday, as I was leaving the aquarium to go to Harvard (and before I couldn’t find the State Street T station), I wandered around Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall and stopped to watch a street performer.  Of course.  Did I get picked out of the crowd?  Yes.  Do I have proof?  Yes!  Because I asked some nice lady to take pictures.  Are they any good?  No.  But here’s one anyway.

I handed those flowers up to him and then did weird things with my hand before catching that pillow and throwing it back to him. Fascinating, right?

I shouldn’t go to bookstores when I’m away from home.  Unless I’m out of reading material, of course.  And if I’m driving, I think it’s okay.  So really, it’s just when I’m flying that I shouldn’t do it.  Boston has lots of bookstores, lots of used bookstores, and lots of good bookstores.  I’ve been in four of them.  And one of them was on a sidewalk near Harvard.  See?

I found four books there, $2 each.  Then I went to Harvard Book Store.  New books upstairs, used downstairs, and bought a few more.  THEN I went to one near where I’m working and bought three more Lawrence Block mysteries (I’m in the middle of one of them now).  And I have to fit them all into the two bags I’m already checking to get them home.  No more!  I’ll refrain from entering any more bookstores as long as I’m here.


  1. Sandwich Stealer

    Embarrassing experience #684: dumb answer to simple question when picked to participate in a street magic show in Key West. How many knots are in this rope? Duh… I dunno.
    I was 9. I’m starting to get over it. 🙂 At least I’ve had a few embarrassing moments since then that top it. Oh, and we have pics of that too.

    BTW: The family is planning an intervention for your book-collecting addiction. Just giving you a heads-up.

  2. Zannah

    If you can put your hands on that picture, I’m SO putting that online.

    Aren’t you NOT supposed to give the interventionee a heads-up? I might run.

  3. Zannah

    I think they should be encouraged to hang out in airport terminals, too. I spend WAY too much time in airports. I could use the entertainment.

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