Not a great start

Today didn’t start as planned.  For one thing, my alarm didn’t go off.  This wasn’t the disaster it could have been.  I’d set it absurdly early because I planned to run.  I woke up when the sun came up, about an hour later.  No time to run, but I still had plenty of time to get ready.  Ate breakfast, showered, dressed, and I was out the door about 8 minutes before I was supposed to be there to meet the guy who would let me in the building.  My hotel is only about three minutes from the place, so I got there with plenty of time.  Except it didn’t look like the right place.  The building had the right address on it, and it had a sign for the right agency, but it looked more like a warehouse than an office building.  And nobody was there.  I called my boss to make sure I had the right address.  I had the same one she did.  I called the guy who was supposed to meet me to let him know I was outside, but I only got his voicemail.  After about ten minutes, a couple of guys showed up, and I asked them if they knew anything about a training class.  One of them remembered the books being delivered and told me the class was being held at another site.  He was going there anyway, so I followed him.  Turns out the warehouse is where everything is shipped, which explains why we had that address, but all the office, all the classes, all the nice pretty landscaped grounds are a couple of miles away.  I still don’t know where I am (by address, anyway), but I’m pretty sure I can find my way here tomorrow morning.  It was about 8am when I got here (I was supposed to meet the guy at 7:30), but class didn’t start until 8:30, so everything turned out fine.  Except for my exceptionally slow internet connection.  That was a little annoying.  It’s hard to demonstrate things when your screen won’t load. 

Anyway, it’s lunch time and I’m hungry.  I need fuel to get me through an afternoon full of unhappy users.  (The types of users in this next session are notorious for hating this system.)

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