Losing my mind

I thought something I had planned for July was actually happening in June, and I was getting John all annoyed about it because it would have happened tomorrow (Saturday), and I’d be gone for the whole day right after coming home for the first time in two weeks.  And while we were talking about it (two days ago), I realized it might actually be scheduled for a Saturday in July,  but I couldn’t be sure….  I checked, and yes, it’s not until July, and yes, I can’t tell one month from the next.  But that means we can both sleep away the whole weekend, and that kind of rest is something we could both really use.  John got in last Sunday night from Rhode Island and has worked almost nonstop since then.  His mother and youngest sister stayed a couple of nights earlier in the week (college visits), so when he got home from the airport, he spent a few hours furiously cleaning the house from top to bottom.  Several days later (now that I’m home to see it), it still looks good.  Having your mother come to stay is a powerful motivator.  I have the same reaction to visits from both sets of parents.

Anyway, we have deliberate plans to do nothing this weekend.  I could see myself going for an early morning run, but only if I happen to wake up early enough (’cause it’s HOT here).  We might try to get rid of some of the crap in the basement, but that might take too much effort.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. Anonymous

    A basement project or two is luring me,too. It’s so cool down there! The house is comfortable even with the AC set at 78, but I really notice the difference when I come upstairs from the basement. Yep, that feels like a 10-degree difference. Then, you can to the next level and there’s another 10 degrees rise in temp. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating. Hyper-bowl and all that.

  2. It IS motivating! So is having people you’ve never met or haven’t seen in a while- I don’t want to be caught looking like I don’t clean my apartment every day (which I do…I have issues).

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