John and I took the dogs for a walk this evening, and while we were out, we bumped into a couple with their small son (between 2 and 3, I think).  We slowed down to let him say hi to the dogs, and as I reeled Roxy in, his mother said not to worry about her, they have a big labradoodle at home.  The kid said, “Yeah, I have a big waterdoodle at home,” and he walked right up to Roxy and wrapped his arms around her neck in a gentle hug.  Then he planted a big kiss right on the tip of her nose and toddled off.  Seriously cute.  He wasn’t even a little bit afraid of a dog as tall as he was.  He didn’t seem to notice Riley, who was probably closer in size to his waterdoodle.

It’s the end of the weekend.  I hate that.  John and I were talking this morning about how the conventional life (9-5 jobs, living for the weekends, tiny suburban house with neighbors we don’t know right on top of us) isn’t really working for us.  We want something different (set our own hours, work for ourselves doing something we like, live further away from people), but what if something different doesn’t work?  So we’re talking about it.


  1. IBCRandy

    There’s lots of things about the modern life/job model that bugs me. You can work you butt off and your reward is more work, while someone else just does the bare minimum and gets paid the same amount and ends up having to do less. And now we live in a world where even when we’re off the clock we’re still tethered to work through blackberries and other instant communication means. And let’s not forget that not so long ago one income was the norm, and a family could get by quite well from that one income. Now you need two incomes the stay afloat.

    My family is doing well enough for itself, but we have a very small mortgage (we bought the townhouse we live in for 80K), no car payments, no cable bill and only one cell phone bill. My check barely covers all of our bills, while Dana’s check gets put into savings for a future nicer house and misc expenses. I also think we’re in much better shape financially than most people we know, and most of these people have some kind of college degree. The current economy doesn’t exactly help either. Nick for example has a business degree from UK, but is working two jobs waiting tables, and his wife works as well as a vet tech. Nick just can’t find a decent job around here right now, especially with very little experience outside of the food service world.

    Blah, ok, ranted long enough. Yes, I agree with what you’re saying, and could write a novel about my current complaints with the middle class world. Well I would write a novel, except that I don’t have the time working 8-5, having a wife and kid, and constantly being beholden to my blackberry.

  2. Zannah

    Randy, if you write your novel, I’ll edit it. Or contribute! A book of essays! We could totally do that. In our free time. 🙂

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