Snow on your cushions

I would like to write something that doesn’t involve complaining.  Or whining.  I don’t remember how.  That sounds like whining.  Don’t read that.

Today was my first day back on my feet, and I think I handled it okay.  I felt like I got punched in the mouth (which is kinda what happened – fact, not complaint), but that didn’t keep me from doing my work.  I could use an early bedtime, though.  The band is rehearsing, but tonight they’re more of a jazz trio than a rock band, so it’s more soothing than usual.  Soothing-er.  I should trademark that.  Soothingers – the blankets/pacifiers/musical mobiles that put your baby to sleep.

Speaking of babies, I CANNOT leave this hole in my head alone.  I know I’m not supposed to poke and prod, but my tongue keeps finding its way over there and the next thing I know, I’m trying to count the stitches.  But I can’t count with my tongue, so I have no idea.  More than one, less than 10.  I read somewhere (long time ago) that human beings can’t take in more than four things (it might have been three) at a glance.  Once there are more than four (or three) of something in a pile, you classify it as many and you have to actually count to see how many there are.  I’m pretty sure I read that and I’m not making it up, but I’m totally guessing at the details.  And it may not be true (or it may have been discredited).

I just did a quick search and didn’t come up with anything conclusive.  Couple of forum discussions, but nothing helpful.

The big bad wolf is trying to blow down my house.  Made of siding.  I’m in trouble.

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