ZOMG puppies!

The dogs and I met the most adorable little puppy named Otto today.  Twelve weeks old, SO cute.  He looked like the poky little puppy, except with the colors reversed.

Otto was mostly black, with white and brown on his face, ears, and paws.  So cute I wanted to gobble him up.  He handled being rushed by Roxy and Riley pretty well, too.

I want one.


  1. I saw a pitbull puppy at the grocery that looked just like the one from “The Little Rascals.” I wanted to steal him right then and there, but too many people were also enjoying him.

  2. Zannah

    Next time I see this neighbor (who I’d never seen before, so I can’t promise I will again), I PROMISE to get pictures.

  3. IBCRandy

    We got a new puppy for Christmas. He’s cute and all that, but we remember now why after we got our last puppy we said the next dog would be an adult. Nothing like watching a toddler run from a 4 pound puppy that wants nothing more than to bite her ankles.

  4. Zannah

    You’re big on puppies for Christmas, aren’t you? Did Bilbo need a friend?

    You have video of her running from the puppy, right? Precious. Oh! See what I did there?

  5. IBCRandy

    Yes, we wanted a friend for Bilbo (new puppy is Pippin) and unfortunately we got exactly what we thought we wanted. Now they play. Loudly. A lot. Yes, it keeps Bilbo entertained and they’re both very happy, but often times they drive us nuts! Hopefully it’ll get better once Pippin is a little older and calms down some.

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