Who doesn’t love chips?

Riley usually doesn’t care about treats (unless it’s steak or fish or something irresistible like that), but tonight we’re only talking about a tortilla chip.  John offered it to him, and he slobbered all over it, but ultimately declined.  Walked away uninterested.  So John put the chip in Roxy’s bowl (she was outside).  A few minutes later, we heard a loud crunching sound coming from the other side of the island.  Unmistakable.  Roxy never knew what she missed.  And Riley may have developed a love for chips.


  1. Mmmm…tortilla chips. Is it wrong that picturing one covered in dog slobber didn’t change the fact that the mental image triggered a craving?

    We successfully fooled our cats into thinking that regular kibbles are exciting, as long as they are a different brand of kibble from what they usually get. Even diet kibble, or dental kibble. As long as they only get one or two at a time, they MUST be exciting. We gave them a dried chicken breast treat thing a couple of years ago, and they just batted it around. Dental kibble,though? Exciting.

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