Awesome birthday present

If you love books and need decorating ideas (for your books – no, also in general), visit these websites.  SuzRocks told me about one in yesterday’s comments (best birthday present from the internet ever), and I just don’t know what to do with myself now.  Other than get lost in these sites.

Bookshelf Porn

Bookcase Porn

The best part of the timing of my birthday is, of course, the three-day weekend it usually falls on.  So even though, technically, my birthday will be over in just under two hours, I really get another day.  A day with a trip to a used bookstore.  You know what I don’t have enough of?  Goats. Books.


  1. We used to have thousands of books, but then we moved into an apartment next to the public library and having all those books seemed a little redundant. The library was happy to take them.

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