Because NOT going is failure

That’s how I described why I had to go to the grocery store today.  If I don’t go, I will make bad eating choices.  We don’t want that.

I realized (again) this weekend that I am a creature of habit.  We went to John’s parents’ house for the night (last night), and as I decided what to wear and what to pack for the ride home, I realize that I was about to choose the same two t-shirts I always wear when I go there.  And it’s more than just when we visit his parents.  I always travel in these shirts.  And I’ve always done this.  I have countless vacation pictures of me traveling in my Stomp t-shirt (purchased at a Stomp concert at Centre College my junior year in high school), and now I have countless vacation/holiday pictures of me in this green t-shirt I picked up at a Timberland outlet.  It’s so comfortable.  I can’t help it.


  1. momma betty

    We have so many pictures of me wearing the same hooded khaki rain coat (ca. 1995, courtesy of J. Peterman employee sales)because I would always wear it on trips to Europe–not too heavy, but warm enough to keep out the northern European summer chill. I didn’t realize how prominant it was in our pictures until Bob started putting a folder together of trip pics. It’ll last forever. If I knew how to post a picture here, I’d show you.

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