Too much

Seriously.  There’s so much.  I have two amazing nights to tell you about.  I’ve written notes, and I’ll post soon, but it’s late and I have to work tomorrow, so the full posts will have to wait.  I’ve had three hurricanes and a lot of water, and I can barely finish a sentence without running to the bathroom.  (Hurricanes are good.)  Let’s just say that I am one degree (or is it two? I haven’t figured that out) from Harry Connick, Jr, via three or four people now, not just one.  I’ll figure out a way to turn this into an introduction somehow or another.  I love music.  I love musicians.  I love jazz.  I love music, and I love Harry Connick, Jr.  🙂

There’s a train going by my hotel.  Loud.  Provides character.


  1. Your kind & loving brother

    I’m seriously impressed with you. That you could have 3 hurricanes and still type a coherent sentence is an amazing accomplishment. Oh, and the musician stuff is cool, too!

  2. momma betty

    We’re waiting for full reports. Not that I didn’t enjoy the call at 1:00 am. 🙂 You groupie, you.

  3. You had a three hurricanes really??? Wow I’m impressed 🙂 🙂 😀 ..I am looking forward to read your written notes soon. 🙂

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