A rabbit ate my tree

Bunnies are bad news.  You think they’re all cute and cuddly and not a menace, but really, they’re out to get you.  And your baby trees.  You know that cute little crabapple tree John and I planted a couple of weeks ago?  It had little baby leaves and everything, and now it’s GONE.

I used to think rabbits looked like this:

All cute and innocent and nose-wriggly – but look a little closer….

If there are train tracks between you and this bunny, RUN!

…EVIL!  So clearly evil.  Turns out they’ve looked like this all along.  This explains the disappearance of the sunflowers John tried to plant for me a couple of years ago and my poor munched-on black-eyed susans.  It explains the death of our cute little baby crabapple tree, and it finally explains why Roxy goes airborne and tries to tear my arm out of its socket every time she spots a rabbit on our walks.  She’s always known they were evil and just couldn’t tell me.  Those rabbits aren’t just hungry – they’re out to get us.  Monty Python was on to something.  (Like that’s news.)


  1. IBCRandy

    We have a small army of the critters at our new house. They’re bold too. We’ll go to let the dogs out on their leads and they’ll just sit there, about 50 feet off, not caring that two dogs are going nuts barking at them. We thought they were cute at first, but then Dana tried to plant some things in a garden. Can’t wait to get the fence put up so we can just let the dogs out so they can run them off.

  2. We’ve been blaming our “pruned” blueberries on the deer that roam around here. We ALWAYS have bunnehs in our yard. I wonder if they did it? Now that I’ve seen your picture, I’m convinced. 😉

  3. My dad has called rabbits, “Evil Beasts,” ever since I was a kid. Once there was one close to the house, so he got out his air rifle and SHOT it from the window of the house. And no, we didn’t live in the country. I was in 5th grade and absolutely HORRIFIED. I cried and cried, and then realized the rabbit had babies, so i rescued the babies and put them ina box and kept them under my bed for a week, feeding them warmed milk out of a dripper thing.

    Then I finally told my parents what I was doing, and so they made me give them to this girl who had a farm. Her cat ate them….

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