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Vacation is a wonderful thing.

Let's assume this is before I fell off the wakeboard a dozen times.

Florida panhandle, Gulf Coast with a bay on the other side of our isthmus.  We had everything we needed for the perfect beach vacation.  Sun?  Check.  We had beautiful weather, even if I did spend the majority of every day hiding from the sun.  Sand?  Lots of it.  Very convenient hose and shower under the house (sounds like we had to go underground – the house was on stilts) to rinse off the sand, but even with those, the house and pool were full of sand the whole week.   Pool?  Sure.  Someone was in it nearly all day, every day.  Boat?  Naturally.  Corey brought theirs and borrowed a couple of wakeboards.  We tubed and wakeboarded (is that a word?), or attempted to.  I drove some so Corey could play (that was terrifying – just ask Mark and Mel), and while SOMEone may have run the boat onto a sandbar, it wasn’t me.  We saw dolphins!  And a sea turtle.  I turned a little pink both days on the boat, but it wasn’t terribly painful, and it faded quickly.  Mostly because I was wearing 50 SPF and hiding inside, on the deck, and under the beach umbrella.  The sun is fierce down there.  On top of all that (and the cases upon cases of beer and wine we drank, and the hours and hours of singing and Rock Band, and hand after hand of Go Fish with Gaby), we got to ride in my uncle’s four-seater plane (Thanks, Ed!  That was cool!).  And I did a little calculus.  Which reminds me…I got my quiz back today.  (I spent all of Monday working on it.)  Six out of seven questions right.  Go me.

I would like to go back on vacation.  Right now.  For a long time.  Please?  It was just so nice to not have to do anything.  ANYthing.  The hardest decision I had to make every day was whether or not to have a mimosa with breakfast.  We had no plans, no schedule.  No expectations, no responsibilities.  It was SO nice.  I would like that at home, please.

Thanks for the great vacation, family of mine.  Love you guys.


  1. Zannah

    It’s nice to be home, Wombat, so thank you. 🙂 Home is good. Work is not as much fun.

    McJ – meet Envious O’Green McEnvy. You’ll get along great.

  2. Zannah

    I had this crazy idea that I’d rather eat my extra calories than drink them. I changed my mind about midweek.

  3. Melvin?

    I just wanna hear you say “isthmus.” And oh yeah, the “someone” who was in the pool all day every day? Yeah, that was me. Got the tan to prove it. Unlike some fishbellies I don’t have to name…

  4. IBCRandy

    I just got back from a wonderful staycation, where all I had to decide was if I was going to watch movies, program games, or play games that day. Not so much on the beverages for me since I still had to pick up the wife and kid from work/daycare every day, but it was still quite relaxing.

    I like to alternate my vacations between a week staying home by myself and a week out at some remote location with the family. Toddlers don’t do well in the car on long trips, so “remote” has been restricted to within a 3 hour radius.

    Still, glad you enjoyed yours. My next one might be Florida since my brother moved to Orlando earlier this year.

  5. Zannah

    Hey, this fishbelly isn’t going to get skin cancer. So there.

    Ooh, your brother moved to Orlando…does he remember me? Fondly? I feel the need to go to DisneyWorld. And Harry Potter Land or whatever it’s called. You should totally go!

  6. IBCRandy

    We’re debating the Disney thing. On the one hand we know Juliette would love it, but on the other we’re not sure we want to drop that much cash on something she won’t remember. Not to mention I’m sure Disney wouldn’t be as fun for us with a toddler in tow.

    And sorry, I doubt my brother remembers you. In fact, did you ever even meet my brother?

  7. Zannah

    🙂 I was kidding. I think I met him once. Maybe. I wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a lineup unless the family resemblance is unmistakable.

    And you’re probably right about Disney with a toddler. Once she’s six or so, it would probably be more fun. But who wants to wait? Leave her with a babysitter and go on your own!

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