Hard choices

A question for the anal ages:

Do you line up your books along the back of the bookshelf, leaving room for other things (like little framed pictures or empty vases or the small ceramic turtle you bought in Mexico) in front?  Or do you shelve them so the spines all line up evenly along the front of the shelf?  And if you do it the second way, do you do anything with the empty space between the books and the back of the shelf?

I’ve always done it the first way.  John has asked me to try it the second way because it’s neater.  I’ll give him that.  I’m not convinced it’s better, though.  I have this irrational fear that wild animals or spiders or some other unpleasant things are going to move in and nest in that unused space.  Because I can’t see it.  And I’m usually so vigilant.

I wish I hadn’t put that thought into words.


  1. Shelf Guru

    Definitely with space in front to put crap. That way it doesn’t look like you live in a formal library. Personalize a bit. And if you really want to live a little, perhaps even put a book sideways on top of the others that is COMPLETELY OUT OF ORDER!!!!! Then take a picture to prove you did it because I don’t think any of your faithful readers would believe you.

  2. Zannah

    Out of order? Are you crazy? The world might end! But I’ll think about it. Maybe something non-fiction. That’s somewhat related to whatever I put it on top of. Temporarily.

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