Allons y, Alonzo!

Two sick dogs does not a happy household make.  They’re miserable, we’re miserable, and I can’t believe I’m looking forward to seeing solid dog poop again.  I mean, really.  We haven’t made it through a night without some cleanup necessary in the morning.  It’s been almost a week, but at least in the beginning, it was just one dog.  Last night I shot downstairs at 2:30 in the morning because I heard Roxy’s collar jingle.  I thought maybe she was just getting up and I could get her outside in time.  Nope.  There was already a mess.  I cleaned it up while they were outside and went back to bed.  Got up at eight this morning – another mess.  I’m fairly certain the second mess was Riley.  We were thinking about crating them tonight, but honestly, it’s easier to clean up the floor than it is to clean up the crate AND give each dog a bath.  Before work.

Enough about dog poop?  Okay.  The only other thing on my mind is my DE midterm tomorrow morning.  And Doctor Who.

[Beginning of Doctor Who section – if you’re not interested (I’m looking at you, family),  you can quit reading now.]

We finished Season 4 of Doctor Who today (and Season 2 of Torchwood).  I have two things to say:

  1. Rose got her Doctor!  Yay yippity yay yay!  Makes me very happy.  And maybe a little teary.
  2. I am NOT ready for a new Doctor.  Do I have to?
  3. Does this mean we get Martha on Torchwood?  And maybe Mickey?  I could live with that.  Don’t answer me.  I’ll find out soon enough.
  4. Donna was my favorite.  She was AWESOME.
  5. GREG.  The fish-head episode is long over.  Unless there’s another one even MORE literal than the one I’m thinking of.  What on EARTH were you going to tell us?

I could go on, but John is making dinner and it smells SO good.