Musing on nothing in particular

  • John caught Riley drinking my coffee this morning.  Later, he (Riley, not John) knocked the trash can down the basement steps and possibly ate some of the coffee grounds that spilled out.  Is my dog a caffeine junkie?  How did this happen?  How did I not notice?  It would certainly explain the high-strung behavior…
  • John made a pot roast (roast beef?  Is there a difference?  I don’t really care – delicious either way) for dinner tonight.  The house smells fantastic – like red wine and onions.  Warm red wine and onions.
  • I got a 96% on my fourth homework assignment in my data modeling class.  I was debating whether or not to argue with the professor because I think (and John agrees) that she’s wrong about that one answer.  I decided not to.  I got a 96%.  Arguing for a 100% isn’t necessary.  I’m letting it go.
  • I’m drinking white wine instead of red even though we’re having pot roast (or roast beef) for dinner tonight.  Ask me if I care.  (Hint: I don’t.)


  1. Sparky

    I argued about a 98% once but didn’t win. I’m still right about it though. (Not holding a grudge or anything.) Not sure I know what data modeling is exactly, but good for you n’ stuff. Maybe you can explain it over the phone sometime, with white wine included, of course. (White, not red, although I agree red is excellent for cooking.)
    Pot roast (per Chef Buttertub) is cooked in a pot with liquid, essentially a braise, and a roast beef is dry heat. Shrug. Good stuff either way, yum.

  2. I argued with my DB professor once about a car insurance DB model. He said I was wrong until I pointed out that I’m a licensed (though not practicing) insurance agent in the state of Kentucky. He backed down and I got the credit.

  3. Nicorette for Dogs

    Careful – coffee is often a gateway drug for Labs. Make sure you check your medicine cabinet for missing prescriptions. They’ll often bury them in the yard to hide them, insisting they’re burying a “bone.” Don’t fall for it.

    Remember, tough love. Tough love.

  4. Zannah

    Okay, so it was definitely roast beef.

    When did you become an insurance agent? Did you ever practice?

    So that’s what happened to the percocet…

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