My weekend was packed full of homework and a couple of fun things.  Mostly homework.  Which will be the theme of the next three weeks.

Tonight, however, we watched last year’s Doctor Who Christmas episode (“A Christmas Carol”), and it was AWESOME.  Really good episode.  It was written, of course, by Steven Moffat (who writes all the really good episodes, as someone (I think Brian – hi, Brian!  Sorry I missed you today!) pointed out a few months ago).

We’re still going at super-slow-snail speed on Doctor Who because we decided it’s nicer always knowing there’s more.  We don’t like getting completely caught up on a show and then having to wait MONTHS for the next season.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable (Sherlock, True Blood (still a full season behind on that one, though), Eureka, Downton Abbey), especially with British shows (WHY are the seasons so short?  It can’t be just to torture us, can it?), but if we can help it, we do.

I’m off to bed so I can be well rested for my SQL exam tomorrow.  I certainly feel prepared.


  1. Zannah

    Couldn’t find it for free anywhere, so we downloaded it from Amazon. $2.99 for HD, $1.99 for non-HD. Might be free if you’re Amazon Prime. Um…no – the other seasons are, and the David Tennant specials are, but the Matt Smith Christmas specials are not free even for Amazon Prime members.

  2. Zannah

    ANOTHER kid? What, 9 wasn’t enough? I’m just kidding – I know you only have 5. 🙂

    But Monday? Seriously? As in a week from yesterday? That’s nuts. Also awesome. Boy or girl or surprise? (Also, congratulations to you both. Yay babies!)

  3. Boy, but we’re not telling anyone the name yet so they can’t try to talk us out of it. Not that it’s odd or terrible like Voldemort or something. Or is it?

  4. Brian Breguet

    Honestly, I felt bad that I hadn’t read in a while, I’ve been recovering from an appendectomy-oh, I had an appendectomy, btw-and I read back a little ways, then did a site search for Doctor Who!

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