My cave would have to have plumbing and central heating

People are dumb.  Also mean.  Not everyone (obviously, you are an exception), but most of us.  Can I be a hermit?  Would anyone mind (or really notice) if I just stopped dealing with people? I don’t mean that I would stop talking to everyone (I would certainly keep talking to you), but it would be nice to have an access list.  I will only talk to people on my access list.  And I reserve the right to add to and subtract from my access list at any time.

I just killed a mosquito that was flying near my head.  In my house.  Which means it probably already got me because that’s how it always works with mosquitoes.  Can I get hermit insurance that covers escape from mosquitoes, too?  That would be helpful.  And spiders and scary bugs (like centipedes and millipedes).  And snakes.

If I decide to become a hermit, I’ll keep going to yoga.  Even if my yoga instructor does try to kill me with sun salutations for 35 minutes straight because that’s just what you do at the summer solstice.  Who knew?

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