Reading like the wind

Remember that book club I got so excited about?  I haven’t been since that first time in April, but it totally hasn’t been my fault.  The May meeting was the first Friday we were in England, they skipped June, and the July meeting was scheduled for last Friday when we were still in Orlando.  Luckily (for me), it didn’t happen last Friday and was instead rescheduled for this Friday.  Like, tomorrow.  When I’m free.  And I found out about that yesterday.  So I have a little over 24 hours to read the book.  I got it for my Kindle around 4pm today and started it at the gym.  Finding the time to finish it shouldn’t be all that hard since my head is pounding and I’m probably taking a sick day tomorrow.  Note to self: five days of dawn to midnight running around theme parks in absurd heat really must be followed by at least one day of rest.  Real rest.

Now I have to hide from the internet and read.  Poor me.  🙂


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