I don’t like change

My wonderful Wednesday nights at the gym are no longer.  My yoga class has been canceled (for lack of an instructor – all that drama drove her away), and my strength class instructor won’t be teaching at all anymore.  Tonight was the first strength class with the new instructor.  She’s not new to the gym, just new to Wednesday nights, and I don’t think I like her style of teaching.  (It’s not just because it’s different.)  The other instructors play music, and they use it to drive the exercises.  If we’re doing bicep curls, 2 counts up, 2 counts down, those counts are to the beat of the music.  They’ve chosen their songs for specific exercises, and it’s lots of fun.  This instructor plays music, but it’s irrelevant to the class.  She counts the exercises, but she doesn’t count evenly, and she ignores the beat of the music.  !  I can’t handle it.  Why would someone do that?  She subbed for one of the classes I was taking sometime last year, and I noticed it (and hated it) then.  She hasn’t changed.

I know.  My life is SO hard.



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