Why I don’t like purses

Purses collect trash.  All kinds of junk.  And I only carry mine to and from work.  I can’t imagine what it might look like if I carried it everywhere I went.  I cleaned out my purse Sunday afternoon.  Receipts accounted for most of the crap I pulled out of its three compartments, but there were a bunch of random business cards and a couple of (smashed) granola bars in there, too.  Judging by the dates on some of the receipts, the last time I cleaned out my purse was about a year and a half ago.  I have no idea how long the granola bars were in there.

This is a picture of the bag of trash I filled.  The apple is next to it for perspective.  I emptied my purse out completely, vacuumed it out, and only put the essentials back in.  My bag is a couple pounds lighter today.  My shoulders thank me.  Now if only I could convince work to get me a lighter laptop.  That’s the bag that’s going to turn me into a hunchback.  I guess I could get a wheelie laptop bag…

Update: I think that bag of trash might be bigger than my purse.  How is that possible?  Wait – could my purse be bigger on the inside?  Just did a quick search, and oh my god, I want this.  Or maybe this.  But probably the first one.  While I’m at it, I also want these, and one of theseEtsy is cool.

Update x2: By popular demand, here is a picture of my purse with the same apple next to it.  I think that might be a small apple, because my purse looks huge next to it.  It’s really not that big.  It’s divided into three equal compartments, and all the trash was in two of them.