Who’s voting for Ronnie for President?

It’s that time of year again.  Time to duck all calls that may be coming from some politician’s campaign (which really means duck all calls that come in on the house phone).  I don’t care if the call is coming from a candidate for President or for Congress (I was going to go with something more local than that, but apparently there aren’t any really local elections in my area this year).  I don’t want to talk to any of them.  That means they all go to voicemail, and my Vonage Visual Voicemail service gets to try to translate.  This is a direct quote from my email (from a call today):

“I’m calling from Ronnie for president. This is Susan. She is a real daughter. And in 2008. She voted for Barack Obama, Obama, Groom, Cesar Lane everyday and I would appreciate it but I don’t think that he’s done anything to, to undo the damage. I think maybe he had and I have you listing plan and wasn’t able to implement it. I think that we want to get his leadership before years and they are selves deeper and dad. I I think we got our losses. This call is paid for by Ronnie for president Inc”

Susan is a real daughter!  Unlike all those fake daughters.  I have no idea what she actually said there.  Also, if I could vote for Obama every day, I totally would, but I don’t know who Groom and Cesar Lane are.

I’m calling Romney Ronnie from now on.  Awesome.


  1. momma betty

    Those voice to text messages are hilarious sometimes and almost all the time indecipherable without the voice message.

    I can reflect that Ronnie’s team is not very organized in VA if they’re calling you. I’m sure your name comes up on those calling lists as “strong” Democrat. Susan should be spending her time calling someone else–like one of those crazy undecided people.

  2. Jess

    Groom and Cesar Lane sounds like some kind of comedy routine. Or those old guy muppets whose names I can never remember.

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