Costumes are fun

I’m exhausted from last weekend.  May I have another?  I promise to rest for much of it.  No?  Too bad.

Friday night we went to a costume party.  We were pretty happy with our costumes, but the party was a little awkward at the start.  It got better, and we had a good time.  All that’s minor.  Let’s stick with the important stuff.  For the most part, our costumes were created from things we had at home.  John went as Wolverine.  We had to buy his claws (would you believe we didn’t have a spare set at home already?), but that’s it. 

John realized that I had everything I needed to be Hermione except the wand.  I’d forgotten about the scarf I bought at Universal over the summer.

Not crazy about my hair here. I left in braids all day to get that kinda curly messy younger Hermione look, but I think it came out a little too much like Weird Al.

Classic Hermione pose coming up.  I know!  I know!

Notice I’m holding a wand?  Yup.  That’s ’cause John made me one.  An awesome one.  Because he’s wonderful.

Check it out!  He even burned the Deathly Hallows into the end.  Because he’s the best.

Now, I think our costumes turned out pretty good, but my first choices for us were Dr. Horrible (me) and Captain Hammer (John).  Unfortunately, we don’t have ANYthing we need for those, and we didn’t have enough prep time to get them.  Maybe next year.  I really want to be Dr. Horrible.


  1. I looked into doing Dr. Horrible once (and there are several sites out there that list what/where to buy) but it comes out to a pretty expensive costume. The coat and welding goggles in particular I saw were not cheap. Captain Hammer would probably not be so bad though.

  2. Jess

    Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer – that’s a great idea. But I think you guys did pretty good with what you had. (Your hair doesn’t look Weird Al to me, but that made me laugh.)

    I dressed up as a couch potato with a book for Halloween. And Chuck was a guy who watches lots of videos on the computer. We didn’t go anywhere and we didn’t hand out candy, but the costumes were easy. 🙂

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