Gobble gobble giggle

The turkey is stuffed and in the oven, the leftover stuffing is in a pan, the sweet potatoes are in a car on their way here, the cranberries were accidentally left in PA, and the other stuff (mashed potatoes and green bean casserole) can wait until later.  John and I have spent the morning in the kitchen with oldies on Pandora for food prep.  Now that we’re in clean-up mode, we’ve moved on to 80s pop.  It’s been fun.  Only sad part?  It’s not really cold enough for a fire.  Maybe at pie time.  (Well, that’s not the only sad part, but who wants to get serious now?  Miss you, family of mine!)

Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Momma B

    Miss you, too, sweetheart. Lots to catch up on but it may have to wait a few days. Kathy and Martin tonight; Todd, Heather, and the kids are coming over tomorrow evening. Maybe Wednesday?

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