This kind of thing is on my list, so it’s okay

I’m staying home again today, resting.  Needed.  I’ve spent nearly two hours this morning online, catching up on Dooce archives.  (I haven’t been on her website for what seems like – and might actually be – a year.)  Now?  I feel guilty.  Like I should have spent that time doing something else.  What?  I don’t know.  How is this not resting?  Apparently, I should be more productive when I’m resting.  I suppose I could be learning something (French, MinutePhysics, Khan Academy), or I could be reading my book (I’m re-reading The Book Thief so it’s fresh when I see the movie – not always the smartest move, but I can’t help myself), or – hey! – I could be updating the book list on this very website, and maybe I will do those things today, but first I need to convince myself that two hours staring vacantly at someone else’s old blog posts isn’t wasted time.



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