Nearly time

I need a new laptop.  I’ve needed one for a while, but it’s not urgent.  There are other things to focus on.  But the time for a new laptop is creeping steadily closer.  I want a small one (11 inches?  13?  Definitely not 15, and I don’t want a netbook.), it has to have a camera, a full keyboard, and it has to be fast.  Not difficult, right?  It’d be nice if it had more than one USB port (my little work laptop only has one), but I can get around that.  There are lots of little USB hubs out there (like this one – it even comes in different colors!).  Oh, I have to not hate the touchpad.  I hate the touchpad on my work laptop so much I refuse to use it.  I take a mouse and mousepad everywhere I go with that laptop.  I like the touchpad on my personal laptop, so I know they exist.  Must find one.  I don’t think I’m asking much.  I just need to actually shop for it.  Which I’ll do someday.  My poor pretty pink laptop is slowing down.  I can’t even upgrade the version of Linux I’m running because my graphics card is out of date.  I think it’s only 6 years old, but apparently that’s just too much oldness.  Too much age.  I’ll have to put it out to pasture and replace it with a younger, faster model.  I’m sorry, pretty pink laptop.  I still love you.

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