Don’t go chasing waterfalls

We had a plumbing issue about a month ago (leaking pipe), and to fix it, the plumber had to cut some holes in the wall along the stairs and the ceiling above the front hall.  The contractors are here today to repair the drywall and paint, so I’m working from home in the dining room.  I just walked into the kitchen to reheat my coffee, and I realized that I have been sealed in.  Because they’re going to paint the ceiling in the front hall, they have closed off the doorways from kitchen to front hall and living room to front hall with a big sheet of plastic and some tape.  I’m feeling closed in all of a sudden, claustrophobic despite having at least 700 square feet available to me and a back door to get outside if I have to.  What if I have to go to the bathroom? I CAN’T GET TO ANY OF THE BATHROOMS!!!

I guess I could go out the back door, go around, and come back in the front.  But I DON’T HAVE SHOES!!!  WHATEVER WILL I DO?!?

I’ll start with cutting out the coffee, for sure.


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