I don’t cook much (as most of you know), but for some reason, I feel like what I made tonight for dinner was more like real cooking than the other things I make for dinner.  Patently ridiculous.  I don’t consider salmon, brisket, pasta, stir fry, etc., real?  I even include vegetables when I make those!  Crazy.

Tonight’s meal wasn’t any harder.  I diced onions and a bright orange bell pepper.  Sauteed them in a pot with a little butter.  Added canned red beans and garlic and pepper and a little salt (didn’t need the salt). Tossed in small pieces of already cooked andouille sausage.  Steamed some rice.  Threw it all in a bowl.  It was good.  Why does it feel more like cooking?  Because it took more steps?  Not any more than stir fried vegetables over rice.  It wasn’t exactly healthy.

It was maybe a little satisfying to have it come together so nicely.  But I didn’t enjoy it, no.  I don’t like cooking.  I do not.

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