I need a personal valet

You know what’s (maybe not so) surprisingly hard?  Trying to wash my hair without the use of my right index finger.  I sliced my finger up pretty good on a boot at the store yesterday (defective zipper), and it is really very irritating having to be this careful about the dominant finger on my dominant hand.  It’s not useless – I can type, so I can work – but the cuts sting like crazy when they get wet or when I curl my finger in too far (or too fast).  Washing hands?  Painful.  Washing dishes?  Sucky.  Washing hair?  Very difficult.  Pretty much anything to do with water.  And I have to bake tonight!  I like to mush the sweet potatoes when I add them to the mixer.  Guess I’ll be mushing one-handed.  And the cookies!  Oh, the cookies.

My life is hard.


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