More mildly strange, but closer to home this time

Our house is on a pretty quiet street.  One side of the house (the side my office is on) is on an alley that slices through the block and is shared by at least 8 other houses.  There’s plenty of room, but it gets used as a shortcut pretty often, sometimes by residents (I think) and sometimes by random people (I think).  Yesterday, I was startled by someone singing.  It was so loud, I thought someone was in the room with me, even though there’s basically no space behind my chair, so that’s impossible.  I froze for a second, freaked out a bit, and then looked out the window.  There was this woman with headphones and a discman* very slowly walking down the alley by our house, singing her heart out.  Then she stopped, right under my window (I don’t think on purpose – she wasn’t looking at the house).  It was weird.  I hid from her.  I’m aware that that is also weird.

*The dream of the 90s is alive.  I know that’s Portland, but based on my experiences this past month, it applies to Eugene, too.  There is a real, honest-to-god, working pay phone (that takes COINS!) in town (maybe more than one, but I’ve only seen one), and I saw a woman wearing basically this outfit last week.


If that doesn’t scream “I can’t leave the 90s behind”, I don’t know what does.


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